Thank you for supporting The Sandlot!

We have always wanted all of our players to be on equal footing, regardless of their financial capability or desire to support the server monetarily. We do, however, wish to reward those that help keep our servers online. The Sandlot currently costs nearly $3,000 USD per year to operate, and your contribution helps to ensure that we can meet these obligations and bring you the most effective and enjoyable Minecraft experience possible!

As a reward and convenience, we provide this store as a way for you to offer your financial support, and at the same time, automatically gain the perks that go along with it. You will receive your VIP status and perks within 15 minutes of making your payment.

Sandlot Premium (VIP) Benefits

  • A Gold Star next to your name in chat, as recognition for your support.
  • Access to ALL Hunger Games PvP kits while your Premium status is active.
  • Access to custom cages and arrow trails in Skywars not available to non-Premium players.
  • /hat command - hold any item and /hat will place it on your head! Good for an extra storage slot, or use an End Rod to turn into a unicorn!
  • /workbench command - Have a portable workbench with you everywhere! Just type /workbench and it will open the crafting table interface for you to make items.
  • /me command - Simply styles your text as an "emote" - helps you to stand out to others when you want to be heard.
  • AFK Auto-Kick immunity - Use an AFK fish farm or mob farm unrestricted like a Minecraft boss!
  • Extra /sethomes - On select servers, you can set 3 homes instead of 1.
  • You can fly in the server Lobby. Just type /fly :D Weeeee!
  • Disguise yourself as a monster or animal in the lobby and Creative*
  • Extra plots in Creative - build your own city!
  • Full redstone capabilities in Creative - create and test complex redstone machines in Creative before building them in survival!
  • Priority access to new gamemodes and servers - VIPs often get to test things out before everyone else!

* Some of these perks may not be available after server updates.

Where does it go?

All payments made through this gateway go into a Paypal account that is used for paying server operating costs. Currently, our total costs are just under $3,000 USD per year.

How to Activate

After purchasing VIP, you must connect to our Lobby server.  This will activate your VIP subscription.  Once it is activated in the lobby, it will propogate to all other servers within 15 minutes.

Additional Notes

  • It is very important that you enter all Minecraft account names exactly. Spelling errors or typos can delay the receipt of your VIP status.
  • Donating or purchasing Premium/VIP status does not exempt you from our rules. You can still be penalized just like any other player for breaking any of our rules.
  • When purchasing through our store, your payments are sent securely and handled by Tebex. Your benefits are awarded within 15 minutes, and your VIP status begins when you connect to our Lobby server after purchase.
  • The first month of VIP costs $15 per Minecraft account for one month.
  • After the first month, VIP membership will only cost $5.95 per Minecraft account for one month to maintain or renew.
  • You do not have to keep VIP current to keep the $5.95 per month pricing. Once you have purchased the initial month for $15, you will be able to renew your VIP membership for $5.95 anytime you want.
  • We offer a VIP+ package for $11.95 that gives you all the same perks as VIP, and you also get an extra Gold Star next to your name in chat.  This package is for players who would like to offer extra financial support to keep The Sandlot online.

Thank you for your consideration!  See you online!

The Sandlot Minecraft Server